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Our Services

Specialist Services

ETTS offers a range of specialist electrical services, catering to diverse needs with precision and expertise:

Airport Lighting:

Our services include the repair and maintenance of airport runway lighting. We ensure that these critical lighting systems meet the highest standards of reliability and safety, essential for smooth airport operations.

Filling Stations

We provide comprehensive maintenance and testing services for filling stations. Our focus is on ensuring that these facilities operate safely and efficiently, adhering to all regulatory standards.

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring current and energy usage is crucial for optimising efficiency. We offer advanced monitoring solutions to help manage and reduce energy consumption, thereby saving costs and supporting sustainability.

Thermal Imaging

As part of our fault-finding and preventative maintenance services, we employ thermal imaging. This technology allows us to detect and address potential issues before they escalate, ensuring the longevity and safety of your electrical systems.

Electrical Design and CAD Drawings

Our team is skilled in providing detailed electrical designs and CAD drawings, essential for accurate planning and implementation of electrical systems.

Temporary Supplies and Lighting

We offer temporary electrical supplies and lighting solutions for various needs, including building sites and outdoor events. Our services ensure that these temporary setups are safe, efficient, and reliable.

Hazardous Areas

ETTS provides specialist electrical services for hazardous and critical areas, including airport lighting, filling stations, and energy monitoring. Expertise in thermal imaging, CAD design, and temporary setups ensures safety and efficiency. Contact us for reliable electrical solutions.

ETTS is dedicated to delivering top-tier specialist electrical services. Our team's expertise, combined with advanced technology and a commitment to safety, makes us the ideal partner for your specific electrical needs. For more information or to discuss a project, please contact us.


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ETTS is a Pembrokeshire based company specialising in the maintenance, testing and inspection of electrical installations and equipment, particularly on high level lighting and hazardous areas.


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