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Electrical Installation Testing

Stay Compliant with UK's Electrical Safety Regulations

Navigating complex UK safety regulations like the Health and Safety at Work Act, Electricity at Work Regulations, Fire Precautions (Workplace) Regulations, CDM, and Building Regulations can be overwhelming for business owners. ETTS is here to simplify this for you. We offer a comprehensive, cost-effective electrical testing and inspection service to ensure your business stays compliant and safe.

Regular electrical testing is vital, and for certain businesses like Petrol Filling Stations, Caravan Parks, and Places of Public Entertainment, it's a licensing requirement. We guide you through these mandatory testing periods, ensuring your operations remain uninterrupted and legally compliant.

Domestic Premises   10 years or change of tenancy
Commercial 1 year 5 years or change of tenancy
Educational establishments 4 months 5 years
Hospitals 1 year 5 years
Industrial 1 year 3 years
Residential Accommodation I year 5 years
Offices 1 year 5 years
Shops 1 year 5 years
Laboratories 1 year 5 years
Cinemas 1 year 3 years
Churches 1 year 5 years
Places of Public Entertainment 1 year 3 years
Leisure Complexes 1 year 3 years
Restaurants and Hotels 1 year 5 years
Theatres 1 year 3 years
Public Houses 1 year 5 years
Village Halls/Community Centres 1 year 5 years
Special Installations    
Agricultural & Horticultural 1 year 3 years
Caravans 1 year 3 years
Caravan Parks 6 months 1 year
Highway Power Supplies As convenient 6 years
Marinas 4 months 1 year
Fish Farms 4 months 1 year
Swimming Pools 4 months 1 year
Emergency Lighting Daily/monthly 3 years
Fire Alarms Daily/Weekly/Monthly 1 year
Launderettes 1 year 1 year
Petrol Filling Stations 1 year 1 year
Construction site installations 3 months 3 months

We can help you put systems in place to achieve the above, with minimal down time, and at a competitive price. Please contact us on 01437 532511 for more details.


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ETTS is a Pembrokeshire based company specialising in the maintenance, testing and inspection of electrical installations and equipment, particularly on high level lighting and hazardous areas.


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